I have been a patient at Atlantic Rehabilitation off and on for about 5 years.  Whenever I have an issue with my back, legs, and knees and have to go to an Orthopedic Doctor and then need therapy, I always insist to be treated by my therapist, Adonis Bassil.  He always treats me according to whatever my condition is and works within my doctor’s recommendations.  I have been to other facilities, but I believe Atlantic Rehabilitation continues to be my favorite place to go to take care of my ailments.  The staff has always been the best, tending to all my needs and is very respectful.  I always feel at home at Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute.

-Madeline Ricks


I was referred to Adonis Bassil to remedy my torn rotator cuff.  I found Adonis and his staff to be very helpful, considerate, and professional.  Under their watchful and caring eyes, I have experienced great relief of my shoulder problems.

The office and workout area has a warm and relaxed atmosphere.  It is fun to be there and is very open and inviting to all of the patients.

-Frank Brunette – Asbury Park, NJ


Adonis is compassionate about all things, not just my present illness.  He offers to help in all situations.  I have been treated by Adonis for eight years for arthritis of the lower back and hips.  I will be 90 years old in 2018 and am still able to walk and care for myself.  I am sure his treatment and daily walking must be the answer.

Adonis is knowledgeable after years of treating all of us.  His also fun as everyone at the office is always talking and laughing.

-Lois Werner


In 2014, I suffered extreme pain in my back and legs, as well as extreme problems walking.  I was sent to see Adonis and he immediately started treating me for my problems.  After coming here with a walker, I was soon able to walk with a cane and later without any support.  My equilibrium has improved to a degree that I no longer required the support of a walker.  Adonis impressed me with his knowledge and manner that I was totally accepting with his methods.  I continue to come to him for his service because of his treatment and relaxed methodology.  Thank you Adonis!

-Neptune NJ Patient


I came to see Adonis after I had my motorcycle accident last September.  My left leg was swollen and extremely discolored.  After weeks of treatment, my leg feels and looks better than ever.  About a few months ago, I was having problems with my left shoulder.  It was so bad that I couldn’t raise my arm past my waist.  I went back to my doctor where they did an MRI and they told me that I needed surgery.   I said “No!” and went back to Adonis for treatment.  Just about seven months later, I have full range of motion without surgery!  (P.S. – To all new patients – Do what Adonis tells you to do, not what you want to do.  He knows best!)

-Frank Costello


I have been a patient of Mr. Bassil at Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute since 2013.  The experience is outstanding.  I was in severe back pain and he provided me a treatment plan.  After a few sessions, I started feeling better.  My range of motion became much better and I got to a point where I was pain free.

I will not hesitate to recommend to anyone to go to Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute!  Wonderful staff, wonderful atmosphere, and the highest quality treatment you could ever expect.  They are great people there.

-Bellerive Dejore


Adonis has helped me tremendously.  Four and a half years ago I had abdominal surgery, so I had to come for Physical Therapy to get my strength back.  I also recently had surgery again and Adonis is helping me get stronger again.  Adonis is a great person to go to if you need Physical Therapy because he gets you back to where you need to be physically.

-Carly Weisman


I would recommend Adonis to anyone in need of Physical Therapy.  My family and I have been coming to Atlantic Rehabilitation institute for 4.5 years, and the care is excellent.  Adonis has treated both of my daughters, my mother, as well as myself.  Adonis and his staff are very caring and compassionate.  Whenever we are in need of therapy, I know I can pick up the phone to call Adonis and he’ll say “Come in right away!”

-Dorothy Walsh


Adonis is very thorough and conscientious therapist who gives you his full attention.  He shows how much he cares for your health and wellbeing with each and every visit.  I cannot praise him and his staff enough for helping me through my time of need.  I highly recommend Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute.  The friendly, family-like environment is a pleasure to go to.

-Barbara DeRosa


Dear Adonis – As a person who has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for 16 years, I’ve recognized that to manage my illness requires a team of professionals.  You and your facility at Atlantic Rehabilitation has become an integral part of the team who help me manage the consequences of this disabling disease.  The ability of your organization to address symptoms of spasticity and pain through the use of exercise, mobility regiments, dry needling, and spinal & joint manipulation make your organization a leader in the field of physical therapy.

-With Gratitude, Bruce Gavioli



My name is Dan Gentile.  I would HIGHLY recommend Adonis Bassil for physical therapy treatment.  When I first went to his office, I could barely walk.  Now I can FLY!!

-Dan Gentile