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Studies indicate that there is a direct relationship between physical therapy, physical exercise and proper nutrition and dieting. Physical therapy can help those who are slightly over their desired weight to obese to be more physically active and fit by teaching them to exercise in pain free and fun ways. The staff at Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute are experts in physical exercise and can develop individualized physical activity plans for patients who are overweight or obese to manage weight, prevent the development of obesity, and/or combat its effects.

There are numerous options for we recommend when treating obesity and desired weight loss overall including reduced-calorie diets, physical exercise, behavior modification, medication, and surgery. Of course, our goal is to avoid medication and surgery when possible and prefer a more active and healthier lifestyle change.

 Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute is in the process of hiring a nutritionist and a medical professional that specializes in nutrition and aging. Please call our office to schedule a consultation to regarding your weight loss and nutrition needs. 

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